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Meet the Hero Cop Who Took Down the Somali Stabber at Ohio State

Abdul Razak Ali Artan's "ram and stab" rampage at Ohio State University Monday morning sent ten people to the hospital -- including one who is in critical condition -- but it could have been much, much worse. Thanks to the quick actions of 28-year-old Ohio State University officer Alan Horujko, the threat was eliminated in less than two minutes.

The officer was in the area responding to a fire alarm when Artan plowed his vehicle into a number of pedestrians and then jumped out and started stabbing at them.

Horujko, who has been a member of the Ohio State police force for nearly two years, called on the radio into the dispatch center at 9:52 a.m. to report the crash. A few seconds later, he called again to say that the suspect had a knife.

An eyewitness told NBC the officer yelled to the suspect, "Drop it and get down or I'll shoot," before he fired at the suspect.

Another student told NBC News he heard gunfire from his dorm room.

"I heard gunshots from my dorm, probably six or seven," said Stephen Yunker, 18, a freshman who lives two blocks from Watts Hall, where the incident occurred.

At 9:53 a.m., the officer called to dispatch and said that there were shots fired and he had one person down.

"We all owe [him] a debt of gratitude," said Ohio State University's public safety director, Monica Moll, of Horujko's actions. "He did a fabulous job today."

Horujko is originally from Cincinnati and is a graduate of Ohio State himself.

Via Heavy:

University President Michael Drake said he spoke with Horujko and thanked him for following his training and stopping the threat in about a minute after the attack occurred.

Praise for Horujko also poured in on the university’s Emergency Management department’s Facebook page, with parents, students and other members of the community thanking him for his actions.

“I am a OSU parent of a Freshman that lives close to where all this happened. I want to thank you, you are a hero,” Missy Stevenson wrote.

“From a graduate student near the attack site, THANK YOU Officer Horujiko!!! We appreciate your service and bravery,” Joni DeGradon Sivey wrote.

“Prayers for this young man. Though he did the right thing and saved who knows how many lives, I”m sure it’s still a difficult thing to have to do. Thank you for protecting our children,” Amy Felkey Orwick said.

Jason Ramsey wrote, “My daughter is a student also. Thanks to all of you for what you have done to protect our children. My prayers go out to Officer Horujko. You did your job and what was necessary, Thank you.”