Social Justice Warriors Attack S.E. Hinton for Saying Outsiders Weren't Gay

Author S.E. Hinton may not be the household name that J.K. Rowling is, but those who came of age decades before Harry Potter likely recall writing book reports on Hinton's bestselling novel: The Outsiders.

Hinton, writing a book in 1967 that depicted 1965 Oklahoma, did not intend to explore topics related to homosexuality with her book.

We know this because ... well, because the book does not explore topics related to homosexuality.

Still, some modern-day readers were apparently interpreting a relationship between two characters in the book as being homosexual. Why?

Because to Social Justice Warriors, everything is politicized. The Outsiders must either advance a "progressive" message, or be evil crap.

On Twitter, someone asked Hinton directly: are the characters Johnny and Dally more than just buddies? After all, they do say they "love" each other.

Hinton replied:


@MrCadeWinston ask someone in the '60's how "cute" it was to be gay. I have many friends I love & do not want to sleep with.

— S. E. Hinton (@se4realhinton) October 17, 2016

Of course, Hinton's points are objectively true. She dismisses the idea that expressions of love must imply romantic love, and states that mainstreaming homosexuality was just not a big thing in the early 1960s. She seemed a little bothered that a topic she clearly did not mean to include in her book was being read into it.

Stating this, of course, launched an onslaught of HATE from the SJW crowd that inundated Twitter:

There are many more where these came from.

The problem here isn't unusual, however. Hinton isn't the first artist to deal with this hateful nonsense.