SJW Harasses Lyft Driver Over His Hula Doll, Gets Left on Side of Road

The problem with social justice warriors isn't just that they're easily offended. It's that they're so easily offended over such ridiculous things.

If it's not the name of the athletic center of a school, it's the mascot's facial expressions, or the content of a painting. It's not the big stuff, stuff that might actually make sense. Instead, they pick fights over the silliest crap they can imagine.

For example, SJW Annaliese Nielsen recently hopped in a car she requested through ridesharing service Lyft -- and immediately got offended because the driver had a hula doll on the dashboard. What followed was a case study in SJW insanity:

First, the "continent" of Hawaii? A tiny chain of islands in the middle of the Pacific is a continent? Just ... wow. Doesn't that tell you all you need to know about the brainpower of the Left?

However, Nielsen isn't done. She continues to demand that a common tourist trinket be removed because she finds it offensive because the driver wasn't Hawaiian, or something.

Another passenger, a woman, tells Nielsen her demand is pathetic. Frankly, it was. Absolutely.

Eventually, the driver pulled over, ended the ride with Lyft, and demanded Nielsen gets out of his car. Initially, Nielsen refused, even telling the driver to call 911.