These 17 Reactions Sum Up the Bernie Sanders DNC Experience

The Democratic National Convention has proved even more entertaining than the Republican convention last week, but with all the pro-Sanders fanfare, everyone was expecting Bernie's speech on Monday to be one of the biggest events of the week. It was, but not entirely in a good way.

Here are 17 reactions to the Vermont senator's last salvo. His supporters booed House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz when they stood for Hillary Clinton. Bernie has already endorsed Hillary, but the question is, will his endorsement take?

17. Maybe not.

Yes, "Bernie or Bust" supporters actually booed their presidential candidate when he told them to vote for Hillary. Which leads to 


16. The question of the convention.


Most likely, Bernie backers are going to keep booing, even after the roll call vote tomorrow. That's because...

15. Bernie never had control of his supporters.


Which helps explain this.

14. Bernie Sanders supporters booing Elizabeth Warren.

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