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CNN/ORC Poll: Trump Takes Presidential Lead Post-RNC

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has taken the lead in the presidential horse race according to the latest CNN/ORC poll. Post-RNC, Trump leads Clinton with 44% of the vote, while Clinton garners 39%.  Libertarian Gary Johnson has 9% of registered voters' support and Jill Stein has 3%.

In a 2-way head-to-head, Trump leads Clinton 48% to 45%.

CNN notes that it hasn't seen a convention bounce in its polling since 2000, when both Bush and Gore got an 8% bounce in the post-convention surveys.

Trump's support is growing among independent voters. Forty-three percent of independents say they are inclined to support Trump, while 41% were dissuaded from doing so following the convention. This is a 12% increase from pre-convention polls, which showed Trump with 31% of independents inclined to support him.

Another notable finding in the survey is that Trump's favorability rating is rising. Following the RNC, 46% of registered voters hold a favorable image of Trump while 39% viewed Trump positively prior to the convention. On the other hand, 41% hold a favorable opinion of Hillary Clinton while 55% have a negative view of the former first lady. Clinton's negatives are now 4% higher than Trump's.