I Voted for Rubio: Here's the Greatest Service He Can Perform Now for His Beloved Nation

Marco Rubio, by Gage Skidmore

The last time I ran for office, on election night I trailed by just two points and the gap seemed to be closing. But despite my optimism, my consultant told me that it was over. I was cooked. I didn't believe him. I reminded him about the precincts not yet reporting, and the scenarios that would lead to victory. He wanted me to look at his spreadsheet, but I could see the numbers for myself and brushed him off.

As the evening waned, my election night party friends slowly trickled away, until just a handful remained. Finally, I sat down with the consultant and looked at his spreadsheet. It was over. I could see it with my own eyes. I got up, made brief remarks to the stragglers, and that was it.

In hindsight, it's pretty embarrassing. Actually, it was embarrassing then, and profoundly sad.

It wasn't just my own ego that kept me from conceding the race, or from even looking at the inexorable numbers. It was my sense of mission and my commitment to the many people who had worked so hard to elect me. You can't just give up on it, or on them. If there's any chance at all, you need to hang in there.

On Super Tuesday, I voted for Marco Rubio. I could have just as easily voted for Ted Cruz, but I chose Marco. He's an inspiring young leader, with a grasp of policy, a vision for the future, and a willingness to innovate, try, fail, and try again. Before primary day here in Texas, I actually made a tiny donation to the Rubio campaign. I'm not much of a political giver, both from lack of excess funds, and the scarcity of donation-worthy candidates, but I gave a token of my support to Marco's campaign.

Ted Cruz won Texas, and that was great. Still, I thought Marco's pivot to challenge, and even to mock, Donald Trump was exactly the right way to combat a bully. I think it worked, just not for Rubio.

At this point (March 9, 2016), even if Rubio were to win his home state of Florida, he has no reasonable path to the nomination.