Black Conservative Blasted for 'Speaking Against Own People'

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Do black people owe their votes to progressives?

Well, based on what happened to former NFL player Burgess Owens when he spoke at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, some sure seem to think so. You see, Owens isn’t the kind of guy that pretends America hates minorities. In fact, he routinely speaks about leadership and the opportunities open to everyone in this country.


During his prepared remarks, no one interrupted. During the question and answer period, Owens was accused of speaking “against” his “own people,” as noted by Campus Reform.

A student asked Owens for his name. After Owens replied, the student said she “thought it was Tom.” In the case of someone like Owens, it’s pretty clear she meant Uncle Tom.

That was just the tip of the iceberg. The crowd went on to heckle and shout down Owens’ answers.

The problem is clear. Minorities aren’t actually treated as individuals by progressives. For all their high-minded talk, they view minorities as belonging on the plantation.

The difference, of course, is the plantation is metaphorical these days, but make no mistake. They don’t want anyone with dark skin stepping out of line. If they do, there will be overseers there to put them back into their place.

Time and time again, I see black men and women being blasted for having opinions that progressives don’t want them having. They’re not treated as humans who have their own unique life experiences that may lead them in a different direction.


When progressives find one that doesn’t buy into progressivism, they lash out. They accuse them of vile things and call them names, all because a black man thought for himself.

Burgess Owens has every right to every thought he has, and no progressive overseer has any right to lash out at him in any way.

Minorities don’t owe their vote to anyone. Period.


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