The Right To Be Apolitical

Democrats to "scream helplessly at the sky" on Nov. 8. Image via Facebook.

When I was growing up, I remember being told there were three things you didn’t talk about in polite company: politics, religion, and money. Of course, people often ignored those rules based on the company in question, but it was a decent rule of thumb. It prevented a lot of arguments, thankfully.


Don’t celebrities have a right to be apolitical as well?

Apparently not. For example, music superstar Taylor Swift has been dealing with pressure to be political for some time, leading many people who care about this for some reason to guess about her politics.

What would possibly cause people to pressure a singer like this? She knows that uttering any opinion at all could cause a backlash that negatively impacts her career, and if she wanted a political career instead, she probably would have chased one.

She’s not alone in receiving pressure.

University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban is the latest to catch hell for not publicly opining on politicsNew York Daily News columnist Chuck Modiano called Nick Saban a “clueless, gutless, selfish coward for his silence on Roy Moore.” Which is an insane thing to say. Saban is in the midst of a football season that has the potential of ending in a national title (but won’t … GO DAWGS!), and so is a bit preoccupied. Also, he is a football coach.

Is every single person in Alabama who doesn’t feel like yapping about politics a “clueless, gutless, selfish coward”? I thought they were just being polite.

Conservative pundit Erick Erickson describes this phenomenon of the Left as: “You will be made to care.”

They want you to think it’s never OK to be quiet. It’s not enough that you don’t spout the wrong opinions — they demand you spout the “right” ones. You’re required to live, breathe, and think whatever the Left thinks you should live, breathe, and think these days.


Objectively, Taylor Swift’s and Nick Saban’s opinions matter no more than the opinions of any American — and there is a problem in society when we think that they do. Your name doesn’t matter. Only the truth matters.

The Left simply doesn’t understand this, and that’s by design. They can’t handle the idea that someone might think differently, even if that someone keeps it private. They want absolute and total adherence to their ideology and they want you to be loud about it. When you’re a statist, everything is subservient to the state.

Saban or Swift should just ask these dopes for a script to read from: “Give me the words I need to say to get you jerks to leave me alone, because I know whatever I say from my own mind will never be enough for you people.”

I think it would be hilarious.


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