HIV Positive Teacher's Aide Tried to Infect 42 Children with Virus, Police Say


There are a lot of things parents need to worry about when they send their kids to school. Will they do well with their academics? Will they be accepted by their classmates? Will they be the target of bullying?


What you never really worry about is whether a school worker will sexually assault them with the intention of infecting them with HIV.

The Daily Caller reports that an HIV-positive man who worked at a middle school “allegedly sexually assaulted more than 40 children, intentionally trying to transfer the virus to five of his victims.”

“Carlos Deangelo Bell, a 30-year-old man from Waldorf, Maryland, who worked as a teacher’s aide and track coach, was arrested in July and was believed to have victimized 24 underage children at that point,” the report explained.

“Bell is now accused of assaulting 42 juveniles, according to a Monday report from the Charles County State’s Attorney’s Office that released new details discovered during a police investigation over the past few months. Altogether, he now faces 206 counts on various sex abuse charges. He is accused of targeting victims from the ages of 11 to 17.”

It doesn’t appear Bell’s efforts were successful, however. The Charles County State’s Attorney Office said in a statement that it is “not aware of any alleged victim having tested positive for human immunodeficiency virus.”

Bell is now looking at a life sentence for his alleged actions. However, if he’s indeed convicted of this, then a life sentence is too lenient for him—by a long shot.


This is an act of pure evil. There’s really no other way to describe it. Only an evil person would sexually assault children in the first place, but then you add to that the fact that Bell reportedly wanted to intentionally infect these kids with HIV, and you have a level of evil that’s unfathomable for most people.

Luckily, crimes like these do tend to be rare, especially with the added layer of trying to infect children with a deadly and life-altering disease.

There’s been no statement about why Bell would want to infect kids with the virus, but even if we had a two-hour interview on just that topic, I doubt any of us would understand it. Evil tends to be incomprehensible for most people.

As it stands, there are 42 kids who will need a great deal of therapy to move on with their lives. Luckily, they won’t need an expensive cocktail of drugs as well.



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