'Seattle Times' Op-Ed: Climate Change Is Racist

Climate change fanatics will use any tool they can find to force draconian regulations on the public in the name of their holy church. Nothing is off limits.

For example, see this effort to claim that climate change (and environmental problems in general) is racist:


With unchecked federal power in the executive branch, all communities will feel the pain of President Donald Trump’s attacks on environmental protections. Communities of color, who face higher barriers to living and working in areas free from pollution and climate impacts, as well as greater economic and health disparities, are likely to be hit first and worst.

A recent report by Front and Centered, a statewide coalition we help steer, showed that toxic pollution sites awaiting cleanup in Washington state are often in neighborhoods with a high share of people of color and people with lower incomes.

The National Equity Atlas illustrates that air-pollution exposure in the Asian Pacific Islander population is 34 points worse than it is for the white population in Washington state. The University of Southern California Program for Environmental and Regional Equity report, The Climate Gap, documented how climate change will worsen air pollution disparities, increase the cost of basic necessities, and reduce job opportunities unevenly and harm agricultural jobs, a sector in which Latino immigrants are the majority of the workforce.

Combined with the Trump administration’s war on immigrants, the Asian Pacific Islander and Latino communities are at greater risk from an assault on environmental protections.

Of course, it’s not surprising that people with lower incomes are more likely to live near polluted places. It’s not like Beverly Hills is known for its handling of toxic waste. The only people who live near areas like that are people with no choice. After all, the presence of such problems is what makes those areas more affordable.


However, neither Front and Center nor the National Equity Atlas wants to talk about the ramifications for the poor, minorities, and everyone else if their preferred climate change solutions are actually implemented.

Anyone with half a brain knows that so-called “clean energy” is a bust. None of the technologies proposed are sufficient to provide enough power to make much of a dent in anything, and they come at an unaffordable cost. An increased reliance on inefficient, expensive energy hits the poor the hardest.

And in the undeveloped world, that means life or death.

Nevermind that climate change models have turned out to be universally wrong, far worse than a coin toss. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that phrenology and astrology have a greater success rate than climate change “science.”

But some folks won’t let that stop them on their mission to making the world “better” for minorities and the poor by jacking up their energy costs.


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