Woman Calls Police After Police Pulled Her Over

How bad are tensions between many black Americans and the police?  Well, a Texas traffic stop managed to land a social worker in jail for a couple of days for resisting arrest.  One of the weirdest things in this situation is that she called the police to the traffic stop.


Just let that sink in for a moment.

The event occurred back in April, and the driver — Dreka White — argues that the police are at fault for the altercation. Surprising, right?

Also unsurprising, the police disagree with who was at fault.

Video shows that White got out of her car to find out why she was pulled over. She said Wednesday that she erroneously believed her purse was in her trunk, so she was trying to retrieve her driver’s license.

The officer can be seen approaching her with handcuffs in his hand. White says he ordered her to get back into her sedan, then cursed at her and threatened to use a stun gun to get her to comply.

White, who said she has a master’s degree in psychology, pulled out her phone and called 911.

According to the 911 audio, White explains to the dispatcher that she does not believe she has done anything wrong and asks that another officer come to the scene because she feels threatened.

White then tells the dispatcher she is being “harassed.” At that point, according to the combined audio and video, the officer grabs her and tries to pin her arms behind her back, unleashing a minutes-long struggle with White screaming for him to stop.

White should have complied, then filed a report with the police department for improper behavior by the officer if she felt he’d done anything wrong.  She didn’t.  Instead of getting back in the car, she called the police.  On the police.


You can’t make this stuff up.

Unfortunately, some of this falls on the media. They’ve presented a narrative where many people think the police are just looking for black people to gun down, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. So, when White was confronted with a police officer who demanded she return to her vehicle, she freaked.

However, she called 9-1-1 and asked for other officers to come and save her, without any hint of the cognitive dissonance involved.  Which isn’t that unusual.  It’s easy to bash police or be scared of police…until you need one.

All White did was provide a glimpse at anti-police hysteria in a nutshell, even if she doesn’t necessarily ascribe to that.  Even the most ardent anti-police advocate won’t think twice about asking for help from the police when they need it.

The most telling thing is that the police will give that help, no matter what.




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