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Woman Trapped in Islamic State Says Those Who Try to Leave Beheaded

An audio message posted online purports to feature a woman who went to the Islamic State and is now trapped there.

The voice seems to be altered on the French-language recording, and its authenticity could not be confirmed. It was being tweeted by some supporters of al-Qaeda and Jabhat al-Nusra, which have a propaganda campaign going against the Islamic State, and by some people who stated they were unaffiliated with any groups.

The message within contains some details that have been corroborated by ISIS guides for those wanting to come to the Islamic State, such as the segregation of women.

“Everything that happens in the videos, you will see brothers…well-run, they show you, the city is beautiful, all clean, everyone is happy, everyone smiles. While it is far from being the case,” the woman says of ISIS propaganda videos.

“The [married] women when they come, they are seperated from their husbands. The first house for women at the border, is something horrible. During winter, it’s worst. When you come, there is no water, no hot water, no cold water, no food, no nothing. It’s a house where you are crammed together in rooms with the women, the children. Most of the time, there is nothing to eat, there is nothing to do. One can’t shower, if one wants to shower, one has to take water from a tap outside, it’s cold water of course,” she continues.

“Then, if you’re married, your husband will come and take you to another separate house. It’s a house where you are all with women. There will be no heat, no food, you can’t go out, you can’t be on internet, [usually] can’t contact your family. [But when you do get the opportunity], we can’t say that we are in a house, in an apartment, we cannot show them pictures of ourselves, one can’t explain anything, we can just say that it’s going well, if one says that it’s not going well, we will have problems.”

The woman said she’s been in Syria for a year and has “a lot of pain.”

“If the woman already has a house, it goes well, she stays in her house but she can’t go out. She is obliged to do everything [alone]. For most, if she has no house, she will stay all her life in a house for women. In a house for women, it is not livable…it’s horrible, the conditions are horrible, there are no blankets or the blankets are dirty, there is no heat, it’s very cold,” she said.

“…If you want to leave, you will be suspected of being a spy. The spies, what do they do with them? Even if there is no concrete proof against you, if you are suspected, you will go in prison and they will chop off your head. If you try to leave secretly, the same thing.”

The woman says she indeed got a husband, as women are lured with the promise of, after making the journey to the Islamic State — but was only married for three days before her divorce.

“One has to know that most men who come here…either they divorce their wives with whom they came with or they marry because they want to marry and take 2-3 as wives or take slaves,” she said.

“Personally, I have done the most foolish thing in my life by coming here and I hope that many will not reproduce what I have done. We are very numerous in wanting to leave but they do not let us leave. We are not allowed to leave the State. If we want to leave the State we will have problems. They monitor the houses, the roads. If we want to leave, it will bring us problems.”