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WATCH: Harry Reid Goes Off on MSNBC for Being Nice to the Koch Brothers

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is distressed about what he thought was a soft interview of his nemesis the Koch brothers by MSNBC.

In his Senate floor rant on Wednesday, Reid laid out some of the “Morning Joe” questions he didn’t like.

“Joe Scarborough asked: ‘It’s hard to find people in New York, liberals, we were talking about this before, liberals or conservatives alike, who haven’t been touched by your graciousness, whether it’s towards the arts or cancer research. Do you think you got that instinct from your mom?’ Mika asked: ‘Sitting here in your childhood home, we have the Koch brothers. Which one was the good brother?’ Joe asked: ‘You guys both play rugby together, right?’,” Reid said.

“Sometimes they weren’t even questions – they were just compliments. At one point, Joe commented: ‘You sound like my dad. That’s very diplomatic. That’s very good.’”

“Wow – those are some really tough questions asked by the hosts of Morning Joe. That’s tough journalism. Those questions are so easy, that may even qualify them to moderate the next Republican presidential debate,” Reid quipped.

“It seems that some journalists are determined not to get on the wrong side of the Kochs’ brothers and their billions. After all, we’ve seen how the Koch empire targets people, cities, and states that do anything that conflicts with the Koch brothers’ radical agenda. When the media rolls over for these modern day robber barons, as it is doing now, our country is in trouble.”

Reid was far from done, accusing the Supreme Court of constructing a political system “that lets Koch Industries do what it wants; a government whose sole goal is to make these billionaires even richer.”

“We must not stand idly by while our government sits on the auction block. Instead, we should be working to rid the system of the Koch brothers’ dark money,” he said. “But this cannot and will not happen if reporters and journalists refuse to ask Charles and David Koch probing questions. Otherwise, no one is holding these two oil barons accountable for their nefarious actions.”

Reid accused the brothers of going on a media tour to get “everyone to believe that they’re not the ones rigging the system to benefit themselves and their wealthy friends.”

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