Missing Alabama Boy Found Alive ... After 13 Years!

Far too many stories of missing children end in tragedy. One story out of Ohio is making headlines because of a missing boy from Vestavia Hills, Alabama (a suburb of Birmingham), who turned up alive 13 years after his disappearance.

On August 28, 2002, Bobby Hernandez offered to take his son Julian to school. Instead, he cleaned out his bank accounts, grabbed some of Julian’s possessions and disappeared. Julian’s mother reported her son missing.

It turned out that Bobby, the non-custodial parent, had taken Julian to Cleveland, where they lived quietly for over a decade without being noticed. Julian noticed that something wasn’t quite right when he ran into trouble with his Social Security number when applying for college, and later on the FBI’s Cleveland office received a tip that father and son may be in the area.

Bobby Hernandez is now in custody in Cleveland, and he faces abduction charges in Alabama, as well as charges in Ohio involving tampering with records.

Authorities believe that Bobby and Julian Hernandez had been in the Cleveland area the entire time.