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The New York Times: Anti-American Backlash 'Gaining Momentum in Iran'

More from Obama’s big summer accomplishment…

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, has declared that despite the nuclear deal, the United States remains Iran’s main enemy and cannot be trusted. The ayatollah has warned against what he has called Americans’ desire to infiltrate Iran culturally and economically to subvert the country’s revolutionary foundation.

Mr. Rouhani’s Instagram post came a day after the Revolutionary Guards announced, without elaborating, that agents had arrested members of an “infiltration network affiliated with the U.S. and U.K. governments.”

A report about the meeting on Mr. Rouhani’s official website conspicuously omitted his critical remarks about the arrests, a possible indication of its delicacy given the internal political rivalries that have become apparent over his two-year-old term.

His website’s report said Mr. Rouhani had called on the security and intelligence authorities to stop “toying with terminology” used by Ayatollah Khamenei — specifically a recent warning about the “enemy’s plots to infiltrate the country.” “The people are well aware of the meaning of infiltration, and know about the arrogance, the history and the wrong attitude of the U.S.A., and can understand what the country’s future and national interests are,” Mr. Rouhani said.

An anti-American backlash that has been gaining momentum in Iran since the nuclear agreement was reached in July has been abetted by state news media, much of it dominated or influenced by hard-liners.

The Obama-loving media is forever talking about the “hard-liners” in Iran as if there were a significant moderate balance to them in the country.

There isn’t.

This article seizes upon a few words by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani posted on social media to make it seem as if he is a serious ideological counterweight to Ayatollah Khamenei. In reality, he’s there just to dupe western media, and they are more than willing to continually be easy marks.

The clerics hold sway in Iran, and there isn’t a moderate wing among them. Almost everyone on Earth seems to know that. The only people blissfully unaware are Team Lightbringer and their press minions.

The very same people who keep pretending the catastrophic deal signed recently is a good one.