New Report Reveals Human DNA Found in Hot Dogs

A new report analyzing hot dogs and sausages from 75 different brands sold at 10 different retailers found that 14% had hygienic or substitution issues.

USA Today explains, “Substitution means when ingredients are added to the product that are not displayed on the label and hygienic issues happen when a ‘non-harmful contaminant is introduced to the hot dog.'”


You might want to rethink that hot dog at the next baseball game.

Human DNA was found in 2% of all the samples and in two-thirds of the vegetarian samples. Not really vegetarian, is it?

Other findings:

Ten percent of vegetarian products contained meat.

Samples showed chicken, beef, turkey and lamb were found in products that were not supposed to have those ingredients.

Vegetarian products fared the worst: 67% of hygienic problems were in vegetarian samples.

But do not despair: Clear Foods found that “there are a number of hot dog manufacturers, large and small, that are producing high-quality hot dogs with integrity.”

Some of the brands you’d want to look to if you want to eat hot dogs are Butterball, McCormick, Eckrich and Hebrew National.




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