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Carly Fiorina: 'A Lot of Liberals Find Me Kind of Scary Right Now'

Carly Fiorina new attacks

Because GOP contender Carly Fiorina has been steadily rising in the polls, liberal media outlets are on the attack. On Monday, the former businesswoman was forced to respond to allegations that she mismanaged campaign money and failed to pay vendors after her unsuccessful 2010 California Senate campaign.

The Washington Post quoted sources Monday who claimed Fiorina’s 2010 U.S. Senate campaign still owed hundreds of thousands in unpaid bills to vendors and staffers.

The Fiorina campaign jumped into high gear yesterday to correct the record.

Via Townhall:

The Fiorina camp has reached out to clarify a key point: Carly’s full 2010 campaign debt “was paid off nearly a year ago,” Sarah Isgur Flores writes in an email to Townhall.” The FEC terminated the [campaign] committee, so it’s all done.” In other words, the crux of WaPo’s story is that it took Fiorina years to tie up these loose ends; slow, subject to criticism, but hardly unprecedented. That’s why Team Carly is highlighting the parallel Hillary example: Her campaign owed tens of millions of dollars after she lost the 2008 Democratic primary, and the ledger wasn’t totally settled for more than four years.

Fiorina appeared on “The Kelly File” Monday evening to respond to allegations that she gypped vendors and staffers from her 2010 campaign.

Kelly showed Fiorina a clip from Monday night’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes,” which seemed to focus entirely on the issue.

“There are a lot of liberals who find me kind of scary right now, because I am doing really well in the polls and  –  horror of horrors  –  I am a conservative woman,” Fiorina said, clearly referring to comments made by MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski. “She’s terrifying to Democrats,” Brzezinski said. “I don’t know if the Republicans get her yet. I don’t think men get her, honestly. She’s terrifying… in a good way.”

Fiorina went on to explain that the debts were paid, and pointed out that the media never made a big story out of Hillary Clinton’s campaign debt, which was 40 times the size of Fiorina’s.

“We know that most of the media is very liberal, and we know that liberal women have trouble accepting that there are many, many women who don’t agree with them,” Fiorina said. “I think that I am distinctly horrifying to liberals [since] I am a conservative who right now head-to-head beats Hillary Clinton soundly.”


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