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Our Long National Nightmare...

It’s bad enough that President Obama, now in his seventh year as a ferocious war-maker, was honored with the Nobel Peace Prize for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Now we get this news:

Growing speculation that John Kerry will receive a Nobel Peace Prize for finalizing the Iranian nuclear deal is generating renewed criticism of his close relationship with the Iranian foreign minister, Javad Zarif, a key public face for the theocratic regime who is rumored to be a probable co-recipient with Kerry.

Rumors have been circulating for months that Kerry and Zarif will be co-selected for the prize. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, a leading Swedish think-tank, recommended in July that the two be selected for the Nobel in 2016. Lawmakers and Washington insiders who have worked for years on the Iran portfolio have reacted with shock to the rumors, telling the Washington Free Beacon in multiple interviews that both Kerry and Zarif are unfit to receive the prize.

he Nobel Prize speculation comes after months of reports describing warmth and comfort between the American and Iranian teams that sealed the final Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. The growing rumors have reignited criticism among insiders of Kerry’s coziness with top Iranian officials and of the deal more specifically.

A Peace Prize for the Winter Soldier would be a final slap in the face to what remains of the old, honorable America. I warned anyone who would listen that the second term would turn out to be hell on earth, and there’s still more than a year to go. God Save the United States of America.