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Rush Limbaugh Praises Ted Cruz: 'Among Our Candidates Most Anti-Liberal'

Earlier today we reported that Mark Levin had high praise for Ted Cruz on his radio show yesterday. “The Great One,” as he’s nicknamed, said Ted is by far “the most consistently conservative candidate running.” He then blasted Mitch McConnell and Cruz’s rival for the Republican nomination, Rand Paul, for working against the senator from Texas.

Levin isn’t the only popular conservative radio talker who sang Cruz’s praises yesterday: Rush Limbaugh did the same. When a caller asked him who “the most anti-liberal candidate” running was, the radio show host couldn’t have been more clear.

Who – among our candidates – is the most is most anti-liberal? Is the most opposed to liberalism as part of its existence, policy and everything else? And there’s one clear answer. Put your hand up if you know who it is.

Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz is the answer to your question, Roberto. If you’re looking for the Republican candidate who is the most steadfastly opposed to liberalism, whose agenda is oriented towards stopping it and thwarting it, and defeating it – it’s Ted Cruz.

Like Levin, Limbaugh didn’t go so far as to actually endorse Cruz, but both conservative talkers are obviously impressed by the junior senator from Texas and his no holds barred attitude.