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Missouri Legislature Stops Cities from Raising Minimum Wage

A wave of minimum wage hikes is travelling across the nation but not in Missouri.

The Republican legislature in Missouri put the brakes on state wage hikes, overriding the veto of Democrat Governor Jay Nixon.

Missouri’s majority Republican legislature voted on Wednesday to block Kansas City, St. Louis and other municipalities from raising minimum wages above the state’s ceiling, overriding a veto of the bill by Governor Jay Nixon.

The Missouri House voted 114-46 and the Senate voted 23-9, above and beyond the two-thirds necessary to override the veto threatened by Nixon in the summer.  “The House and Senate had passed the bill last spring after movements in the state’s two largest cities to raise minimum wages beyond the state minimum of $7.65 per hour.”

Governor Nixon called the bill  “‘a clear example of unwarranted government intrusion’ into the policymaking of local governments and their local control. Some business organizations argued that higher wages would force employers to eliminate jobs.”

Government intrusion…that’s kind of funny coming from a Democrat.

Both Kansas City and St. Louis city governments have recently voted for wage hikes and there is a referendum on the ballot for November.