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Germans Now Having Second Thoughts About 'Migrant' Invasion

Germany starting to close the barn door now that the fifth column has taken up residence:

With waves of asylum seekers showing no signs of easing, European nations that had been friendly to refugees abruptly rolled back their welcome mats Thursday, as Germany considered radically slashing its benefits and Croatia warned migrants to turn back. The German measures would broadly overhaul asylum codes in an effort to stem the massive flow of migrants into Europe, scaling back the generous policies that have made Germany the single biggest draw in the region.

In a 128-page draft law produced by the German Interior Ministry and obtained by The Washington Post, the government would speed up asylum procedures, simplify deportations and remove incentives for false claims. The measures, the bill states, are needed to cope with the huge influx of refugees into the country — with as many as 1 million asylum applications expected in Germany this year.

Recognizing its tremendous moral obligation, postwar Germany enacted a generous “right of asylum” to people in need, never imagining that its hospitality would be so severely tested by cultural and religious aliens. Now, a law aimed to help Jews is instead being abused my hundreds of thousands of Muslims, causing a ripple effect throughout central Europe.

In Croatia, meanwhile, leaders reversed themselves a day after they said they would greet asylum seekers with open arms — outreach that stood in sharp contrast to a decision by neighboring Hungary to seal its frontier with razor wire and riot police. The crush of refugees and migrants has shocked European leaders even as they struggle to find a common strategy to deal with one of the continent’s biggest humanitarian crises in decades…

The tougher proposals signaled that European nations were quickly buckling under the pressure of the stream of arrivals. In Croatia, asylum seekers took up the Croatians on the open arms offered a day earlier: more than 8,900 people arrived starting Wednesday. But authorities quickly decided they were overwhelmed.

Think if what’s happening as the Cloward-Piven strategy applied to “immigration” — flood the zone, overwhelm the system and destroy the host. Good to see the Germans finally awakening to the mortal peril in their midst.