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IDF Creates 5-Year Plan to Prepare for War with Iran

Analysis of IDF operations reveals a 5-year plan designed to ensure Israeli survival against a nuclear Iran:

Pursuant to the agreement: the “nuclear” agreement signed between the P5+1 and Iran in July 2015 is an event of historic proportions that will affect the Middle East for decades. The top-priority assignment of the Israeli intelligence services after the signing of the agreement is to deliver proof that the Iranians are fooling the entire world.

…The Iranians are no fools, however. They will not risk anything during the 60-day interval until the agreement is endorsed by the US Congress, with or without a veto by President Barack Obama, remaining very cautious until the sanctions currently imposed on them have been lifted.

Once the sanctions have been lifted, all hell will break loose. Not only is Russia seeking to provide weapons to Iran, the entire Middle East will go nuclear to combat the terror regime. Why? Because “the Israeli-Arab conflict is currently marginal compared to the Sunni-Shi’ite conflict and the confrontations within the Sunni community between ISIS and everyone they regard as ‘infidels.’”

Known as the “Gideon” plan, this five-year plan needs funding in order to come to fruition. An outline of the plan details:

The “Gideon” plan should implement quite a few of the lessons derived from Operation Protective Edge and transfer the IDF, within five years, into an era where Iran is already regarded as a nuclear state and the enemies surrounding us are organizations with no uniforms or permanent bases, but with hundreds of thousands of high-precision rockets aimed at Israeli population centers and strategic objectives. The primary scenario for which the IDF is preparing is a multiple-theater confrontation, and the working assumption is that it would be required to pass another power test in the form of a war within the next few years.

Iran will not only become a nuclear state sooner or later, but will evolve into a regional empire that pumps massive funding into the organizations it supports, including Hezbollah. On the bright side – Egypt, Jordan and the Gulf States will improve their relations with Israel as the threats imposed by Iran and ISIS intensify.

The IDF’s plan is named after the Biblical hero from the book of Judges who led Israel into battle against their Midianite oppressors. Gideon viewed himself as “the least” of a “weak” clan. God, however, viewed him as a warrior and used his small force to win victory over Israel’s enemies, regaining territory in the process.


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