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This Is What Islamic Invasion Looks Like

Reading this piece by Daniel Greenfield over at FrontPage Magazine, I’m reminded of how the Soviets would deploy their troops on the Eastern Front in World War II. As a Soviet grunt, you had two choices: advance, and likely be shot by Germans; or retreat, and surely be shot by your fellow countrymen. In similar fashion, Islamic forces in the Middle East are doing their best to push their troops — under the guise of refugees — into the West. Greenfield writes:

Saudi Arabia, which doesn’t permit the construction of churches but finances a mosque construction spree in the land of the infidel, will not be taking in Syrian refugees. Even though they are fellow Muslims. It will however offer to build 200 mosques in Germany for their use.

It’s a kind offer. The only proper way for Europe to reciprocate would be to send a million soccer hooligans to Saudi Arabia and then offer to build facilities to teach them of the importance of trashing the country and abusing any native they come across.

Of course the Saudis aren’t stupid enough to fall for that one. Not even if the soccer hooligans bring along the occasional woman and child to use as emotional human shields while battering their way into a country they hate in every possible way aside from its social services.

Only Westerners are stupid enough to fall for that one.

The intent of the Saudis should be apparent. They don’t care about the well-being of their fellow Arabs any more than Soviet officers cared for the well-being of the troops under their command. The mission is invasion, and the means is any deemed necessary.