Elizabeth Warren Says She and Trump Are Sympatico on Tax Hikes


Appearing on The View Tuesday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) stressed that she has common ground with the GOP front-runner.


“There are a lot of places where he gets out and talks about important things,” Warren said. “Donald Trump and I both agree that there ought to be more taxation of the billionaires, the people who are making their money on Wall Street.”

Last month, Trump told Bloomberg that he doesn’t “mind paying some taxes” as he does “very well.”

“I would let people making hundreds of millions of dollars-a-year pay some tax, because right now they are paying very little tax and I think it’s outrageous,” he said.

Host Joy Behar told Warren, “That’s a pretty liberal position. He must be driving the right-wingers out of their mind.”

“Don’t call us liberal. It is a pretty right position,” the senator fired back.

However, Warren added, Trump’s position on illegal immigration “just scratches his name off the list.”

“You gotta remember who he’s being measured against on the Republican side, no offense,” she said.


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