Jindal: Hillary 'Literally One Email Away From Going to Jail'

Louisiana Governor and GOP presidential candidate Bobby Jindal told ABC’s This Week that Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server for government emails presents serious security problems that may land her in jail.


Washington Examiner:

“With Hillary Clinton, it just seems to be one scandal after another,” the GOP candidate said on ABC’s “This Week.” “She’s literally one email away from going to jail.”

“What I fear is that maybe we’ll have to go to the Chinese and the Russians to actually see her emails,” he said.

“What’s clear is this — if a private in the military had done what they’ve accused her of doing, there would be real consequences,” said Jindal.

The FBI is currently investigating whether Clinton’s use of a personal server exposed sensitive material.

Clinton “shouldn’t be above the law,” Jindal said. “There shouldn’t be a different set of rules for our elected leaders than for the rest of us.”

Jindal continued: “I think the bigger issue here, the bigger scandal here, is the fact that Hillary Clinton seems to think, ‘what difference does it make?'”

A Des Moines Register poll released Saturday found that Sen. Bernie Sanders is now within 7 points of Clinton in Iowa. Clinton’s commanding lead over rival Democratic presidential candidates has eroded in recent months as her email scandal continues to roil her campaign.


Although it sounds like hyperbole, Jindal is spot on. The only thing lacking for Clinton to be indicted is an email indicating she was aware of the sensitive nature of its content. As it is now, she can claim — weakly and unconvincingly — that she was ignorant that information she was passing on was classified. The law says it doesn’t matter if she knew or not, but in practical legal terms, she probably won’t be prosecuted unless there is proof she knew.

DoJ investigators are now putting together email trees trying to find recipients of Clinton emails so that perhaps some can be recovered in that manner. And this is where Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills become important to Clinton’s defense. If either aide or both take the fall for passing on classified information, Hillary will probably skate.

The contents of the emails they turned over last week to the FBI should prove to be very interesting.


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