Did a Local News Station Just Come Out Against Donald Trump? UPDATE: A Station Employee 'Mistakenly Posted'

By now, you may have watched the explosive clip in which GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump shuts down a disruptive Univision reporter.

Almost as soon as the incident at Trump’s press conference had ended, national news networks — from ABC News to CNN — pushed the currently hot clip to their social media feeds as a report.


But one local news network here in Los Angeles appears to have had a slightly different take on the moment, appearing to express initial disapproval of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate and taking the side of Univision’s Jorge Ramos.

Here’s a very interesting screen cap of a post now removed from the ABC7 Los Angeles Facebook page. Their original question accompanying the video of Trump and Ramos: “How long will the GOP allow this?”


  (click to enlarge)

Was this an accidental digital slip of the pen? Let us know what you think in the comments section.


Update: ABC7 has responded to a Facebook inquiry about the post. Here’s their full statement:

“Thank you for asking about this. The station has taken no editorial position on Donald Trump or any other candidate. The post was removed within minutes. An employee who has access to our main Facebook page only for emergencies mistakenly posted to our main page thinking it was going to a private personal page. The employee regrets the error.”


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