Hillary Wants Donors to Pay for Own Food and Parking at Campaign Events

Cheap much?

Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which has struggled to keep costs in check, wants donors to pay for their own food and valet parking at fundraising events, according to a request it filed this month with the Federal Election Commission.


But wait, there’s more!

The request, released publicly by the FEC on Tuesday afternoon, sketches out a novel accounting plan under which the Clinton campaign would shift some fundraising costs to donors, without counting against their contribution limits.

Always looking for an angle, those Clintons.

After referring to this as a “novel” approach, the author then goes on to make it seem as if most candidates do this. Politico evidently possesses a dictionary where novel and commonplace are synonyms.

Hardcore Clinton people are still stinging from the 2008 campaign, when Mrs. Bill blew through money like a drunk Kardashian sister on Rodeo Drive.

There is also the fact that Hillary’s events require more orchestration than most. It’s not easy keeping people far enough away from her to make her seem like she actually cares that they’re there, after all.


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