Trump's 'Viable Path to Victory'

The presidential campaign of Donald Trump has gone from comic sideshow to the dominant story in the race for the Republican nomination. While many, particularly his opponents, wait for his fifteen minutes to expire, one analyst writing for the Tribune News Service sees a “viable path to victory” for Trump:


Voters have been in a surly mood for years, and Trump has electrified them like few others in recent years.

The 17-person Republican field is fractured, so Trump’s 25 percent support, should he maintain it, could win a lot of primaries and caucuses.

He says what a lot of Americans are thinking. So far, his insults to Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, Mexicans and women haven’t hurt standing. Sixty-two percent of GOP voters viewed him favorably after the debate.

Has Trump’s support crested? If it remains at or below 25 percent, might the departure of some candidates between now and next year’s caucuses and primaries result in support coalescing around another candidate?


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