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Report: Trump Not Interested in Third-Party Run

Dana Loesch reported on her blog Tuesday that 2016 presidential contender Donald Trump is not interested in running on a third-party ticket.

According to Loesch, Trump said in a recent interview, “I will only ever run as a Republican.”

This hopefully ends speculation that has the GOP on edge.

As Fred Barnes reported at the Weekly Standard, Trump now has the support of 24% of Republican voters in the latest polling and if he decides to go third party, the result would be devastating.

The Post poll found this in a three-candidate race in the general election:  Hillary Clinton 46 percent, Jeb Bush 30 percent, Trump 20 percent.  Trump took more votes from Bush than from Clinton. One on one, Clinton beat Bush 50-44 percent.

Republican elites need to come grips with the real Trump threat and not make things worse.  Which is what they have been doing so far.

Calling on Trump to drop out of the race or insisting he is unqualified to be president because of his harsh language zinging John McCain and immigrants from Mexico isn’t working and probably never will.

It’s more likely to cause him to stay in the race.  He does have gigantic ego, after all.

Trump is likely to flame out in spectacular fashion sooner or later — without any help from the liberal media, his opponents, or the Republican Party. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

You can watch Dana’s interview with Trump here.


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