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Off Duty Sheriff Deputies and Ordinary Citizens Guard Armed Forces Recruiting Centers in Ohio

Sheriff deputies in Wayne County, Ohio, are standing guard at the Armed Forces Recruiting Center in Wooster to protect it from a possible terrorist attack. The deputies, guarding the center in their uniforms, are volunteering their time.

Captain Doug Hunter informed citizens about their efforts on the Wayne County Sheriff’s Facebook page. “We have been hearing about the possibility of ‘lone wolf’ attacks for the past few months and the massacre of five servicemen in Chattanooga Tennessee is an example of such attacks,” he wrote. “We suspect there will be more.”

Hunter said that criminals and radicals such as Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, who attacked the military recruiting center in Chattanooga last week, are not deterred by gun free zones. Often, they are only stopped by deadly force. He lamented the fact that military policy prohibits most soldiers from protecting themselves on U.S. soil.

“We are happy to report that in Wayne County such radicals not only must consider encountering armed law enforcement, but armed citizens as well,” Hunter wrote.

Hunter told NewsNet5: “We’re here today on our own time–this is not something we’re being compensated for–simply as a way to show support for our servicemen.”

Members of Ohio Carry are also pitching in, calling for average gun owners to guard armed services recruiting centers across the state this week.

“We are asking that any person who can, please report to outside of your local recruiting station as often as you can between Monday and Friday and stand guard for our men and women in uniform,” the group wrote on their Facebook page. “STAND GUARD! Protect our troops! Be ready to prevent terrorism on U.S. Soil! If the government won’t do it WE WILL! We are armed Americans; we are Ohio Carry, and we will defend our own!”

They admonished participants to abide by all laws.


Yesterday several our our deputies donated their time to stand guard at the military recruiting office on Burbank road….

Posted by Wayne County Sheriff on Saturday, July 18, 2015