President Obama Goes Into Federal Prison And, Sadly, Comes Back Out

Fun while it lasted…

President Barack Obama, who wrote in his memoir about using marijuana and cocaine as a youth, became the first sitting president to tour a federal prison on Thursday and met drug-offense inmates, saying he could have been in their place if not for the advantages he had growing up.

Obama spoke with inmates and toured El Reno federal prison, which holds 1300 inmates, 146 percent of its capacity.

He vowed to work with wardens and corrections officers to address overcrowding, a piece of his administration’s wide-ranging criminal justice reform agenda.


That’s right kids, when he’s not busy making sure Iran is happy and our allies in the Middle East are not, The Idiot King is busy letting the world know that he cares about criminals. Throughout his entire presidency he hasn’t been very shy about where he stands whenever it’s a case of “cops vs criminal”. Heck, he even prefers criminals to nuns.

The good news is that he’s only got a little more time in office left. The bad news is that Hillary Clinton might replace him, and she doesn’t just sympathize with criminals, she actually is one.


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