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Hillary-Slayer Fiorina: Give Me Shot on Debate Stage to Ask Every Question Press Won't

Carly Fiorina ripped into Hillary Clinton’s interview to CNN, telling Fox last night that if the two were on a general election debate stage, Clinton “wouldn’t get to run as the first woman president, would she?”

“It’s all the fault of the vast right wing conspiracy. And in that interview, which I think was really vintage Clinton, she did not answer a single question really. She did not accept accountability for anything really. I honestly think she has lived in her own world and in her own bubble for so long that she really doesn’t perceive these very real conflicts of interest as conflicts of interest. She just wants people to trust her,” Fiorina said.

Clinton was asked if she understands why nearly six in 10 voters, in a recent CNN poll, say they don’t trust her. “I have a lot of confidence that the American people can sort it all out…People should and do trust me,” she replied. “And I have every confidence that that will be the outcome of this election.”

“As the polls indicate, people don’t trust her. And that means the foundation of leadership is not solid for her,” Fiorina said.

“She was not asked a single question about her track record as secretary of State. She wasn’t asked about why she thought a gimmicky reset button would stop Vladimir Putin. She wasn’t asked about why she called President Bashar al-Assad of Syria a positive reformer. She wasn’t asked why she declared victory in Iraq in 2011. She wasn’t asked if she thought she had lied to the American people about Benghazi and what she thinks now of the fact that Libya is a failed state and a haven for terrorists,” she continued.

“In other words, she isn’t going to be asked all the questions she needs to be asked, which is why we must have a nominee who will face her on a general election debate stage and ask every single one of those questions so that the American people have the facts they need to make a good judgment.”

Fiorina stressed that if she’s facing off with Clinton in a debate, “she would actually have to answer a question about her track record, about her accomplishments, about her trustworthiness.”

“And I would point out that not only has she taken money from countries with atrocious human rights records, but she as secretary of State took women’s rights off the table in her discussion with China specifically. Even though she made a big show of showing up in China to talk about women’s rights or human rights, and yet when she was in a position to pursue that conversation with China as secretary of State, she took it off the table.”