WHO are You? We’re the Guys that Screwed up the Response to Ebola

Who knows? Maybe the UN started out as a good idea? It sure didn’t end up that way. Check out the WHO (No. Not the band)—the World Health Organization.  Not surprisingly, the agency is supposed to help nations around the world manage world health problems—like how to keep horrific diseases such as Ebola from going global. And, not surprisingly, since they are part of the sprawling, unaccountable, Byzantine UN bureaucracy–they kind of suck at their job.


An independent panel just released its findings of how WHO handled the Ebola outbreak in Africa. The panel called for urgent and immediate changes.  That doesn’t sound good.

The panel’s findings confirm other assessments that the WHO acted too slow to respond the outbreak that killed over 11,000 and started popping up in countries around the world.

What’s really scary is Ebola could well make a comeback.  And WHO is not our only problem, the administration really hasn’t shown it has its act together either.


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