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All-Seeing Eye Surveils Entire Cities

God alone may be truly omniscient. Yet man aspires to match Him.

Developed as a tool in the War on Terror, designed to track IED planters to their points of origin, a new form of battlefield surveillance has begun to make its way onto U.S. soil. reports:

Thirty kilometres above a chosen city, a plane hangs out of sight of the thousands of people scurrying below — continuously circling the metropolis underneath. Every second, the plane takes a photo of the entire city and all the happenings within a 64sq km radius. The images are beamed down to a control centre where they create what is akin to a real-time Google map of everything taking place.

When a crime occurs, teams of analysts simply scroll back in time to the scene of the incident and identify those involved. From that point, they can follow the target by clicking forward through the images to the present moment and pinpoint their location.

Trials conducted in U.S. cities have excited law enforcement officials. In some cases, crimes have been solved “in a matter of minutes.”

However, the technology clearly obliterates any hope of privacy, placing everyone within its glaze under unyielding surveillance. Imagine a thirty day record of your every movement, accessible on a whim.

This is the future unfolding before us. In it, you won’t be able to go outside without being tracked.