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'LoveWins': Iraq War Vet Amputee Mocked on Twitter, Catholic Priest Spat Upon...

Lefties are notorious for being sore losers and even sorer winners. Their behavior in the wake of the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage — even as they ironically proclaim “love wins” — is no exception to this rule.


Case in point: J.R. Salzman is a disabled Iraq war veteran who lost his right arm below the elbow. His left hand was pulverized when his vehicle was struck by an explosively formed penetrator in December of 2006. After commenting on the Supreme Court decision on Twitter, he came under vicious attack by despicable people who mocked him for losing an arm and for being a veteran who engaged in  “killing children and raping women.” Salzman noted in one of his tweets that although he’s experienced a lot of hate on Twitter, “by far the worst has been from the #LovesWins crowd.”

Warning for language:




Some “LoveWins”celebrants in NYC spat on  Fox News contributor Father Jonathan Morris when he was unlucky enough to run into a “gay pride” parade.

If you’ve ever seen or heard Father Morris, this is kinda like kicking a puppy…

The L.A. Times, meanwhile, is engaged in blatant propaganda, linking Christian conservatives in Mississippi to the KKK and the Confederate flag.

Denny Burke pointed out what he called a “malignant slander” in a post on his theology, politics and culture blog.


Mississippi’s Attorney General has put a halt to gay marriage in that state in spite of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling legalizing gay marriage. This is no surprise. Everyone knew that the high Court’s decision wouldn’t come down without some resistance. A similar thing is happening in Texas right now as well.

But it’s important to note that the AG’s effort is not going to work. At least not permanently. At best, this is a delaying tactic. Gay marriage will go forward in Mississippi just like it will in every other state of the union.

The eye-popping part was the slanted way that the LA Times chose to analyze what was happening in Mississippi. Here’s the explanation:

To understand Mississippi’s resistance to gay marriage, it helps to look at its legacy as a deeply religious and conservative state. This is where three civil rights workers were killed by the Ku Klux Klan in the 1960s; where James Meredith became the first black student to enroll in Ole Miss, but only after a violent confrontation; and where the Confederate symbol is still part of the official state flag.

It is where 59% of residents described themselves as “very religious” in a 2014 Gallup Poll, higher than any other state, and where 86% of voters in 2004 approved a ban on same-sex marriage.

Did you catch that? If you want to understand why so many Mississippians oppose gay marriage, alls you gotta do is remember how Christian they are down there. And what evidence does this report adduce to demonstrate this deep religiosity? Ku Klux Klan murders from the 1960’s. Read the paragraphs again. The Ku Klux Klan murders are not invoked as evidence of Mississippi’s racist past (a point that is beyond dispute). Ku Klux Klan murders are put forth as evidence of Mississippi’s “deeply religious and conservative” present.


It’s important to note that many supporters of same-sex marriage are mortified and embarrassed by the bullies on their side. Unfortunately, propaganda as seen in the L.A.  Times article above is giving many in the “LoveWins” crowd a perceived license to attack opponents of gay marriage in a vicious and vile manner.

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