Notch a Win for Liberty: Supreme Court Slaps Uncle Sam for Snatching Your Stuff

In April, I told you about Horne vs. USDA, a 5th Amendment case that pitted a raisin farmer against the power of big, remote, centralized government.

Well, Rejoice! The Supreme Court ruled today that personal property is no different than real estate under the 5th Amendment when it comes to eminent domain, and if Uncle Sam wants to snatch your raisin crop — or anything else you own — he must provide “just compensation.”


This is a big dang deal, because in addition to expanding the eminent domain protections, the case also involves a socialistic system in which the government controls prices by removing ‘surplus’ inventory from the marketplace, creating a kind of scarcity. Who knows? This might lead a future court to decide that all of our stuff belongs to us. (I can dream, can’t I?)

With the Horne decision, the Court pendulum swings away from the (I think unconstitutional) decision in Kelo, which allowed the government to swipe private land for, essentially, private usage.

Take a moment, and enjoy a win for liberty.


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