More Revolving Media-Government Complex Doors: Obama Crony to CNN

Yeah, I know. What a shock:

Dan Pfeiffer, a long-time top aide to President Barack Obama, is joining CNN as a contributor, network president Jeff Zucker announced Monday. The 39-year-old Pfeiffer is a Wilmington, Delaware, native and a graduate of Georgetown University.

His first presidential campaign role came in a communications post for then-Vice President Al Gore’s unsuccessful 2000 campaign. He then worked for the Democratic Governors Association and later Sens. Tim Johnson, Tom Daschle and then Evan Bayh’s brief 2008 presidential campaign.

He left his post as the White House’s senior adviser for strategy and communications in March as one of Obama’s longest-tenured strategists.


It’s not even remarkable any more, which is exactly the way both the media and the government want it.


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