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YouGov Poll: Rubio, Walker on Top, Jeb 4th

While we should rightly be skeptical of polls (especially after 2012), it is fun to see where Jebster shows up in some of these early ones. It’s probably safe to say that a dead heat tie for fourth place with Huckabee isn’t where the little prince’s team wants him to be.

There is a lot to pick through in this poll but if this next bit is at all true I may not completely abandon hope:

There is one overwhelming goal for Republicans. The GOP has lost the last two presidential elections to Barack Obama, and that frustration is clear when they are asked whether they would rather their party nominate a person who agreed with them on every important issue, or a candidate who can win, even if they may not agree with the respondent on every issue that mattered. They overwhelmingly choose the latter.