Hillary Clinton to Autograph Seeker: 'Go to the End of the Line'

Nobody likes line cutters — especially not Hillary Clinton.

A short video released Monday by America Rising shows the cranky Democrat front-runner refusing to sign an autograph and pose for a photograph with a middle-aged fan.


“Go to the end of the line,” Clinton told the woman several times.

“Why don’t you go to the end of the line,” she repeated about five more times according to America Rising’s Shoshana Weissmann.

Just another day on the campaign trail with Hillary “Likable Enough” Clinton:

Via Twitchy:

Not that her original campaign launch in April wasn’t a smashing success, but Clinton has scheduled a do-over on Roosevelt Island in New York City on June 13. She chose Roosevelt Island  to tap into the symbolism of an “island [that] is named after President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a political giant whose New Deal programs launched a revolution in the relationship between the federal government and American citizens.”

Roosevelt Island (formerly Welfare Island) is also the home the New York City Lunatic Asylum, one of the first institutions of its kind established in this country.


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