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Happy Mother's Day! 'Moms Demand Action' Invade Capitol Hill, Demand Mothers be Defenseless Against Violent Predators

First Thanksgiving, now Mother’s Day. These gun-grabbing harpies will not be happy until they ruin every holiday with their idiot propaganda.

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Anti-gun group Moms Demand Action made an appearance on Capitol Hill this week as part of their Mother’s Day “Week of Action.”

“We are taking this fight to the states,” says Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. “What we want Congress to know is that we are watching them, but we are not waiting for them. We are getting ready for the midterms and we are going to hold them accountable for their failure to act.”

Good luck with that, ladies.

USA Today writes, “Sonja Woods says she came to Capitol Hill on Wednesday because her daughter was fatally shot by a man who flunked multiple background checks to buy a gun due to mental problems. So he bought the weapon at a hardware store that did not require a background check.

Wait, what?

A mentally-ill maniac tried to buy a gun and was denied (system working!) and instead bought one at a hardware store? What hardware store was this? That’s entirely illegal, if it’s even true. The ATF would love to know more about an unlicensed hardware store selling ghost guns.  I love when the gun-ignorant media tries to write about Second Amendment issues — gun-ignorant media like the USA Today, which just ran this hardware store fable without raising an eyebrow.

The real purpose of this constitutional-rights-crushing effort is to enfeeble and cripple women, mothers, daughters and everyone else who wants to protect themselves from criminals and predators by further restricting firearms purchases.

On the other hand, NRA is raffling off a nice Smith & Wesson 9mm “Shield” for Mother’s Day along with eight hours of training. And might I add, the “Shield” is a fantastic gun, one of my favorites. They are also offering Eddie Eagle GunSafe training for children.

Now that’s real gun safety.

The fact is there are more guns in American than ever and fewer firearms accidents than ever.

And I hope none of my mom friends get one these awful Mother’s Day cards.