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The ISIS Penal Code, Including Penalty for 'One Who Kills Merrily'


The Islamic State recently released a list of crimes and punishments, promising “to govern with His Shariah on His earth between His servants although the kūfar dislike it.”

“And we wish to explain the Hūdood of Allah Sūbhānahu Watāla as a warning:

  • Insulting Allah = Killing.
  • Insulting Messenger of Allah = Killing even if the one who did it repents.
  • Insulting the religion = Killing.
  • Zināh = If married, stoned to death. If not married; 100 lashes and banning from the land for the period of 1 year.
  • Homosexuality = Killing the one who does such an act, and the one who it’s done to.
  • Stealing = Cutting the hand
  • Drinking alcohol = 80 lashes
  • Slander = 80 lashes
  • Spying for kūfar interests = Killing.
  • Turning back on Islam (apostate) = Killing
  • Banditry (in Arabic Qat3 at-Tarīq) are 4 categories:

A) The one who kills and takes money = Killed and crucified.
B) The one who kills merrily = Killing
C) The one who steals merrily = His left hand and right feet will be chopped of.
D) The one who scares the people = Banishing him from the land”

“There is no good in one who is sentenced if he doesn’t surrender himself to the Sharia of His Lord, and there is no good in a judge if he doesn’t judge according to the Sharia of Allah between His servants,” the document says. “The Islamic State will not be lenient in this great purpose, for whom they offered hundreds of shūhadā from their innocent and pure sons.”

ISIS also released new propaganda photos of a grocery store and department store, a healthcare clinic with a jihadist doctor, and a hotel that it renovated and opened in Mosul.