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Sue Politicians for Trickery? What a Good Idea

What happened to former GOP congressman Aaron Schock. The New York Post wants to know:

Where is Aaron Schock? An attorney for a campaign donor suing the former Illinois congressman has told a federal judge he can’t locate the Republican who resigned in March amid questions about his spending. Daniel Kurowski filed the lawsuit April 15 for Chicagoan Howard Foster. Foster donated $500 to Schock’s campaign and wants him to repay millions of campaign dollars on grounds the Peoria politician tricked contributors into believing him.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Kurowski told a hearing in Chicago on Wednesday that he hasn’t been able to inform Schock about the lawsuit. Kurowski tried a Peoria address for Schock, but the property is now vacant. Amid media scrutiny, Schock quit in March and a federal criminal investigation began. An email message seeking comment Thursday from a Schock spokesman wasn’t returned.

For those of us forced to hold our noses and vote GOP, Aaron Schock is just another in a long line of disappointments, sellouts, frauds, trickerators, thieves, and creepazoids: two of them, in fact, currently run the Republican caucus in the House and Senate. But I love the idea of a constituent suing one of the bastards for what amounts to deceptive advertising. Of course, John Roberts or somebody will quickly rule that voters have “no standing” to bring venal and false-flag pols to heel, but it’s surely worth a try. Fire them, impeach them, sue them — whatever it takes.