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Schumer Wants to Ban Flavored E-Cigs

Nanny-state darling Senator Chuck Schumer (R-NY) said on Sunday he wants to stop e-cigarette companies from creating and selling flavors he claims appeal to children.

E-cigarette “juice” comes in a wide variety of flavors ranging from a standard tobacco flavor to exotic flavors like chocolate and strawberry lemonade.  Juice for e-cigarettes comes in a variety of nicotine strengths and some juice comes with no nicotine in it at all — many people “vape” on e-cigs without getting any nicotine fix at all.

Since e-cigarettes are a relatively new phenomenon, they aren’t regulated enough according to Schumer, and he plans to change that and make sure e-cigs are restricted the same way tobacco is. A recent report showing that e-cig use is up among teens has given Schumer cause to turn his regulatory eye on the vapor.

Of concern is the flavored e-cig juice, which the senator claims is directed toward young kids because manufacturers sell juice flavors like bubble gum, fruit punch or cotton candy.

“E-cigarette companies are stepping over the line and marketing these products to kids to get them hooked on smoking,” Schumer told WCBS 880. “And they’re hoping that the federal government passes the buck and turns a blind eye. But we can’t let that happen.”

The FDA has proposed some regulation on e-cigs already but has yet to implement them.

“Right now, cigarette manufacturers are prohibited from marketing regular cigarettes to our kids,” Schumer said. “Why shouldn’t the same laws apply to e-cigarettes, which can also be harmful to our kids?”