Hillary Clinton's Uterus For President! (Says Topless Woman, Too Many Others)

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If the election were held in Times Square tomorrow, Hillary Clinton might just be moving back into the White House.

That’s what Gavin — I mean, his lefty “brother” Miles — McInnes discovered when he ventured into the, I guess, adrenal gland of America, on behalf of TheRebel.media.


Being a lefty and all, Miles thinks Hillary should get to be president, pretty much by acclamation, just because she’s female.

After all, he says:

“We’ve done black. Let’s do a woman next.”

There are a few holdouts, but as Miles points out, one of them is a fictional character, so…

Generally, people are pretty “hey, great!” about Hillary’s sole, shall we say, “anatomically correct” qualification.

Speaking of which, maybe the topless woman — oh, yeah: MATURE CONTENT WARNING — should run for president instead. She’s got two very big qualifications, and what with that body paint, she sure looks patriotic enough, but I have a feeling she’s not “natural born.”


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