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Politico Flails About in Pathetic Attempt to Explain What Could Go Wrong for Scott Walker

Sad, really.

He’s also prone to brainstorming out loud as he sifts and winnows to refine his message. And while he likes to say he’s the most scrutinized governor in America, he hasn’t had to worry before if his positions in the Wisconsin city of La Crosse were different from what he said in Green Bay.

Those tendencies all play into the stumbles that have prompted a steady stream of stories in recent weeks questioning if Walker is as authentic as he portrays himself. So far, they don’t seem to be hurting his standing in the polls or in the perception he could be the biggest threat to Jeb Bush for the GOP nomination. But the potential risk is huge: The narrative of a flip-flopper is one of the most potent in American politics—think John Kerry windsurfing in the 2004 campaign—and if takes hold, it could cost Walker the credibility with the Republican base he needs to make it through the grueling primary season ahead.

This is essentially an article that accuses a politician of being — wait for it — a politician.

That crafty Walker is shifting his positions on things and it could be problematic, according to Politico’s Concern Troll Dept. Rest assured, they won’t be asking Hillary Clinton about where she was on gay marriage three years ago.

The key words in this post are “he could be the biggest threat to Jeb Bush.” The Leftmedia knows that Jebster isn’t really a threat to Hillary so he is, naturally, their preferred candidate. Any threat to Jeb is a threat to Hillary, however, so that candidate must be destroyed.

In reality, there isn’t a single thing that Scott Walker has done that is as credibility threatening as Hillary’s email scandal is to her, or should be. The reason the media scrutiny of GOP candidates in this cycle is so tortured is that they have to twist themselves into knots to avoid not mentioning what a pile of awful Her Madameship is.

As each candidate announces, expect most reporting being variations on the “throw everything against the wall and hope something sticks” approach. Hopefully, the Republicans won’t get sucked into standard “Gotcha!” operating procedure and instead, like Rand Paul did this week, throw their nonsense right back in their laps.

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