Obama Likely to be Thrilled as Socialist Venezuela to Present Him with Anti-U.S. Petition

Well, they’re certainly handing it to the right guy: the most un-American and anti-American president in the nation’s history:

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is readying a gift for President Barack Obama when the two leaders cross paths at a regional summit next month: a petition containing millions of signatures denouncing U.S. aggression.

For the past week, Venezuelans have been lining up in plazas, government offices and even prisons to add their signatures to a manifesto against the Obama administration’s recent decision to sanction seven Venezuelan officials over human rights abuses during anti-government protests.

To date more than 4 million signatures calling on Obama to reverse the order have been collected, and Maduro has set a goal of gathering 10 million ahead of the Summit of the Americas taking place April 10-11 in Panama. On Friday, Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez said the signatures would be presented at the summit.


Wait ’til Barry finds out about the sanctions! He’ll be furious. Meanwhile: “U.S. aggression” — if I hadn’t watched the Berlin Wall fall under my own sledgehammer, I could swear the Communists won the Cold War. Wonder if Hussein will give Maduro a bro handshake like he did Hugo Chavez?


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