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Ted Cruz for President? Rumors Swirl About Monday's Big Speech

Unlike the Democrats, the GOP really does have a strong bench this electoral season, especially once you get past a hopeless Rinosaur like Jeb Bush, fringe candidates like Rand Paul and no-hoper retreads like Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker has already made an impressive splash; now Texas conservative firebrand Ted Cruz may be ready to throw his hat into the ring:

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is set to deliver a speech on Monday at Liberty University that is stirring speculation about a possible presidential announcement. Allies to the likely GOP 2016 hopeful are reaching out to political reporters and encouraging them to attend what they’re billing as a major address at the evangelical school about 150 miles from D.C.

The conservative college founded by the late Jerry Falwell has often played a major role in the Republican fight for the White House, with hopefuls frequently making stops to speak to the evangelical base of the party. If Cruz does launch a bid, as expected, those evangelical voters will be crucial to separating himself in a crowded likely GOP field.

The country needs fresh faces, not exhausted familial dynasties like the Clintons and the Bushes. So run, Ted, run. 


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