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FCC Inspector General Investigating Net Neutrality Decision

Any stall is a good stall on this issue.

The Federal Communications Commission’s inspector general has opened an investigation into how the agency arrived at its new rules for Internet service providers, U.S. Representative Jason Chaffetz said on Tuesday.

The office of the FCC inspector general recently informed Chaffetz’s House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform that they are investigating the process through which the FCC arrived at new “net neutrality” rules, the Republican lawmaker told reporters after a hearing.

FCC Inspector General David Hunt was not reachable and his office did not immediately confirm that they have opened such an investigation. FCC spokeswoman Kim Hart referred inquiries to that office.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler told Chaffetz at the hearing he was unaware of the investigation but would cooperate with it.

Republicans have accused the FCC, an independent agency, of being unduly influenced by the White House in setting stricter Internet traffic rules earlier this year.


It may not be easy to prove whether Wheeler is nothing more than The Idiot King’s puppet, but it is worth a try. Then again, this administration has gotten so brazen that they may have left some evidence out there.

Net Neutrality needs to be kneecapped as quickly as possible, by whatever means. Maybe I worry too much, we probably won’t have any Internet access once China takes over the United States anyway.

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