Carville Suggests Political Motive Behind Hillary's Destruction of Emails

James Carville, former aide to President Clinton, told ABC’s This Week that Hillary Clinton not only used a private email account for convenience, but that she also wanted to hide her emails from the Republican opposition.


Appearing on ABC’s This Week on Sunday, Carville defended Clinton, saying her e-mail practices were legal. But, he added, she may also have had prying Republican eyes in mind when she chose to do business through a private e-mail server.

“I suspect she didn’t want Louie Gohmert rifling though her e-mails, which seems to me to be a kind of reasonable position for someone to take,” Carville said.

Gohmert, an outspoken conservative from Texas, serves on the House Judiciary Committee.

Speaking at a press conference last week last week, Clinton said she chose to use just one e-mail account when she was secretary of state because it was more convenient.

“I thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two,” she said. She has turned over all work-related messages to the State Department for review and release, she said, and discarded thousands of other messages deemed personal.

The sense of entitlement shared by both Carville and Clinton is breathtaking. There is a belief that rules that everyone else must follow are not made for them. The law doesn’t matter, apparently. What matters is Hillary’s political fortunes.


It is not “reasonable” to disobey the law because you didn’t want to be politically damaged or embarrassed. What an extraordinary thing for Carville to say. It’s not relevant what Carville thinks of Rep. Gohmert — he’s an elected representative of the people and, like it or not, is entitled to see any relevant information from the former secretary of State that would allow him to do his job.

The hell of it is, if a Republican in a similar position wanted to hide their emails for any reason, Carville would be out front and center screaming for blood. He may have thought he was doing Hillary a favor by hinting that she was trying to hide her emails from evil conservatives, but all he’s done is suggest that political calculus was the real motive for Clinton’s deception.


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