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Maybe We Need to Rethink This 'Women in the Military' Thing

Sgt. Gregory McQueen, "sexual assault prevention officer"

Sgt. Gregory McQueen, “sexual assault prevention officer” and pimp

It was always a terrible idea, no matter how much the Regressives and the feminuts assert otherwise. Bad for men, bad for women, bad for morale… all to do what? Prove some idiotic counter-factual feminist point about “equality”? And now, predictably, it’s been infiltrated by the world’s oldest profession at Fort Hood, of all places:


It was supposed to be the Army private’s first—and only—time.

The cash-strapped, divorced mother—who The Daily Beast will call Jane—wore the uniform, claimed she needed groceries, and soon met sugar-daddy Sergeant 1st Class Gregory McQueen. The hulking, noncommissioned officer must have seemed trustworthy: He was his battalion’s point man preventing sexual assaults as part of the U.S. Army’s Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention unit (SHARP) at Fort Hood, Texas, and he played the sax in a gospel band. He was even the vice president of a motorcycle club, Tru Ryderz. McQueen was all those things and he convinced the struggling soldier there was a way out.

The way out was to prostitute herself.

McQueen offered the female soldier “easy money.” McQueen then photographed Jane naked and exhibited her assets to higher-ups posted at Fort Hood. With Jane in his stable, McQueen launched his career as a hustling pimp.

Read the piece in full at the Daily Beast. Meanwhile, here’s the status of Sgt. McQueen:

Bell County Jail listed Gregory McQueen as one of its inmates Friday morning. McQueen will be held in the Bell County Jail until administrative action is taken to assign him to a military detention facility. He was booked into the jail at 9:52 pm. The jail lists his booking origin as Fort Hood Confinement.

Sgt. 1st Class Gregory McQueen, the one-time coordinator of a sexual assault prevention program at Fort Hood, was sentenced to 24 months confinement Thursday after pleading guilty Wednesday to 15 of 21 specifications of charges stemming from the investigation of a prostitution ring for which cash-strapped female soldiers were recruited. He will also be demoted to the rank of E-1, will be given a dishonorable discharge and will forfeit pay and benefits.


The satanic Left will reply that we should pay our girls more! But perhaps instead we should recruit brigades of hookers and send them over to fight ISIS in Mesopotamia. That’ll take the fight right out of those poor, eternally horny Arab boys.


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